Working with  Codeship's Platform for Docker

Codeship co-founders Florian Motlik and Manuel Weiss talk about their new Continuous Integration and Delivery Platform with native Docker support. They will walk you through how the platform works, like using .yml files, working with the Docker Compose syntax, and more. After that they will show live examples.

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Native Docker Support

Use your existing Dockerfiles and images on any registry and enjoy full customizability for our development environments.




Use our local development CLI and guarantee parity between your local environment, CI System and Production.



Deploy Your Docker Images

Use any registry, be it hosted or local, to pull and push your images.

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Florian Motlik

Co-Founder at Codeship.                                   Florian will walk you through Jet, our new Platform for Docker.


Manuel Weiss

Co-Founder and Director of Marketing at Codeship. Manuel is leading Codeship's webinar programs. 

How to use Jet, the Codeship Platform for Docker

Learn how Codeship's new platform for Docker for Continuous Integration and Delivery lets you use your existing Dockerfiles and images on any registry. We will show how you can run test and build steps in parallel and benefit from fast setup times through caching. Our new platform lets you work in an exclusive instance, guaranteeing you won’t share any resources. By running on your own instance we also give you full security without compromise.

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Why Containers and Docker are the Future

Learn about the Traditional, the Virtual Machine, and the Container Stack and how Docker and its ecosystem helped bringing the Container Stack to the forefront. 

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Automate your Development Workflow with Docker

Learn how to use Docker to nullify inconsistent environment setups with our in-depth tutorial including code examples.

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Orchestrate Containers for Development with Docker Compose

Learn how to use Docker Compose to orchestrate containers in development.

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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with Docker

Learn how to set up a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Docker.

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