Running Your Tests with Docker 

Codeship Engineer Laura Frank gives an introduction on how to use Docker to run your tests more efficiently and will walk you through testing best-practices that will help you create the best product for your customers.

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Working with Docker

Get an overview of the Docker ecosystem and how to run your tests with Docker.



Testing Best-Practices

Learn how to integrate Docker into your testing workflow and user Docker tools to run tests.


Web Apps and Docker

Understand how to develop your web applications efficiently and sustainably using Docker.

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your Webinar Hosts

Laura Frank

Senior Engineer at Codeship. Docker advocate. Laura is working on Codeship's CI Platform with native Docker Support called Codeship Jet.


Manuel Weiss

Co-Founder and Director of Marketing at Codeship. Manuel is leading and organizing Codeship's webinar programs. 

How to run tests with Docker

Testing software is necessary, it does not matter how big your team or company are. Introducing Docker to your development workflow can help your team write and run your testing frameworks more efficiently, allowing you to always deliver your best product to your users and customers. Today, there are no excuses for not writing tests anymore. This talk offers practical advice for using Docker to run your test frameworks more efficiently, as well as some solid knowledge of software testing principles.

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Why Containers and Docker are the Future

Learn about the Traditional, the Virtual Machine, and the Container Stack and how Docker and its ecosystem helped bringing the Container Stack to the forefront. 

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Automate your Development Workflow with Docker

Learn how to use Docker to nullify inconsistent environment setups with our in-depth tutorial including code examples.

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Orchestrate Containers for Development with Docker Compose

Learn how to use Docker Compose to orchestrate containers in development.

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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with Docker

Learn how to set up a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Docker.

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