Learn what you need to consider before running microservices in production

Join Codeship co-founder Manuel Weiss and Cloud 66 developer evangelist Daniel van Gils as they covers the considerations needed when creating a microservices architecture. Daniel will guide you through the entire Docker development process and how to test your microservices architecture.

Understand Microservices and how to build, test and deploy microservices in production

Microservices are the lego-esque building blocks for creating container-based applications. But what do I need to know if I want to deploy a microservice architecture? What sort of things do I need to consider before I containerize my application? And why are these things important? Join us with Cloud 66 developer evangelist Daniel van Gils as we answers these questions.

Once we’ve covered tips for how to create your containerization strategy, we’ll show you a practical implementation example. 

You’ll get to see us build, test and run a sample API using Habitus for the Docker image build, Codeship Jet for running testing and Cloud 66 for production deployment.